Eyewear Configuration Tool

Design your own personalized sunglasses following the steps below (delivered in 2 to 3 weeks). 

  • 3 styles available: Chromatic (up to 6,724 color combinations), Multichromatic (Up to 21 million color combinations) and Polychromatic (Over 1 billion color combinations)
  • Original. Front face of the eyewear (skin) is as unique as your fingerprint. No two eyewear in the world will be identical*. 
  • Removable temples. Easily change the look of the eyewear by replacing the temples to one of a different color. Collect up to 82 different colors.
  • Available in 4 unisex shapes (Manuel, York, Wady and Harvey).
  • 6 one-of-a-kind patterns**.
  • 15 polarized color UV 400 sun lenses.
  • Also available with prescription lenses.
  • Handcrafted in USA. Our proprietary handmade process gives each piece an unrivaled quality.

*Feature available only in Skin Collection Polychromatic Edition.

**Images of eyewear with patterns is to be used for descriptive purposes only. Each frame is unique. Therefore, expect subtle changes of colors and patterns.