Build Your Own

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Design your own personalized sunglasses following the steps below (delivered in 2 to 3 weeks). 

  • 3 styles available: Chromatic (up to 73 thousand color combinations), Multichromatic (Up to 6 million color combinations) and Polychromatic (Over 57 trillion color combinations)
  • Original. Front face of the eyewear (skin) is as unique as your DNA. No two eyewear in the world will be identical*. 
  • Removable temples. Easily change the look of the eyewear by replacing the temples to one of a different color. Collect up to 82 different temple colors.
  • Available in 4 unisex shapes (Manuel, York, Wady and Harvey).
  • 6 one-of-a-kind patterns**.
  • Personalized (optional). Add a name to the inside of left temple and carrying pouch.
  • 11 Polarized injected color UV 400 sun lenses.
  • 3D designed for precision. Drafted in 3D with state of the art computers and software.
  • Selective Laser Sintering technology. The chassis of the eyewear is fabricated by melting together successive layers of powder with a laser.
  • Handmade for quality in USA. A proprietary handmade process including multiple layers of a unique method of brush sandblasting, coloring and finishing gives each piece an unrivaled quality.

*Feature available only in Skin Collection Polychromatic Edition.

**Image of patterns is to be used only for descriptive purposes. Expect subtle changes of colors due to colors blending with each other. Pattern shape and location also varies for each frame.